Mixed Drink Recipes

The Great Taste of Mixed Drinks

A mixed drink is a very popular beverage, in which two or more ingredients (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are mixed together to make a new special taste of a drink. Mixed drinks are very popular and have lots of flavors. Everyone can find a mixed drink that he will love.

There are many categories of mixed drinks that include:
Cobbler - a mix drink that is made of wine or liqueur, adding sugar and some kind of citrus fruit.
Cocktails - alcoholic mixed drinks that include some liguor, suggar with water and some bitters.
Cooler - a liquor that is based on carbonated drink, with addition of alcohol and some fruit.
Cup - a mix of wine and fruit juices or carbonated drinks.
Flip - alcoholic mix drink with beaten eggs and sugar.
Also there are Juleps, Punches, Highballs and many other.

There are lots of alcoholic coctails and mixed drinks, that can be made of beer, wine, vodka and other drinks. Some of them are flaming, and some are not. Mixed drinks are usually served with some supplies that make them look even better, like fruit compositions, sugar lining, unbrellas and other things.

Non-alcoholic mixed drinks are suitable for those, who are under 21 years of age and are not allowed to drink alcohol in America. Non-alcoholic mixed drinks dont contain any alcohol and are easily served to teenagers and children and to people who are not allowed to drink alcohol because of religious reasons. Adults usually love non-alcoholic mixed drinks too.

A lot of studies have been conducted to see, what alcoholic drinks are the most popular among adults. And it turned out that 65% of adults prefer to order mixed drinks when they are at parties or in bars. And why is that so? Maybe because mixed drinks are a much better and more tasteful alternative for regular alcoholic drinks. Some alcoholic drinks can taste well, like some wines and sparkling wines. But the taste of most alcoholic beverages is too strong, especially for women. When an alcoholic drink is combined with juice of carbonated drink, like cola or sprite, its taste becomes much milder and the alcoholic effect might be even stronger.

Mixed drink are a great choice for any party and any celebration. There are lots of recipes available. Try and find the best mixed drink for you!

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